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19 Sept 2017, Re-Usable Pop-Up with HTML and CSS. One way to to do pop-up web pages without using javascript.

19 Sept 2017, Site navigation improved. Hope you find it easier.

17 Sept 2017, Mindfulness and Meaning. On the nature of mind and consciousness.

8 Sept 2017, Why Meme? Revised and expanded.

8 Aug 2017, Look at Your Self. You are not what you think you are.

16 July 2017, HTML 5 Sucks. Updated: more examples, more suggestions.

9 July 2017, The Last Battle: J W Dunne in Narnia. Serialism and immortality writ large.

30 June 2017, J W Dunne: The Forgotten Genius. Updated with Science Museum listings.

27 June 2017, Space Planes to Orbit. It's not as easy as it looks.

9 June 2017, A Radical Liberal Manifesto. Musings of a diehard radical Liberal.

2 June 2017, A Radical Liberal Constitution. A new and innovative way to deliver the institutions of government.

25 May 2017, It's a long way to the stars. Updated.

21 May 2017, Brexit – A Personal View. Why a lifelong Europhile voted to leave the EU.

20 May 2017, J W Dunne Aeronauticalia. Updated with corrections and additions.

20 May 2017, Schrödinger's Serial Cat. Updated with corrections and additions.

18 May 2017, Towards a Theory of Qualia. Updated and extended theory of consciousness.

9 May 2017, The Layered Mind. A network stack for the sentient brain.


This is my "blocki" – a blog-cum-wiki – for all those miscellaneous thoughts one wants to share as they occur, like a blog, but keep growing on one so one wants to go back and keep them up to date, like a wiki.

It is a bit basic - no search, in-page comments, tag clouds or anything. This is partly because I cannot find a sensible publishing server, so I just keep it in my own web space and build it with a text editor. Also, I don't like to use programmatic javascript for simple navigation, so I am limited to what I can figure out using static web styling.

If you want to make a comment, please follow the Contact link and send me an email. If it is useful then I will add it to the page. But I will not be accepting trivia or rants.

Updated 19 Sept 2017