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8 Apr 2018, Retrocausality: Backwards in Time. Scientist are looking over their shoulders to see what's coming.

18 Mar 2018, HTML 5 Sucks. Sortable tables, Cascading Simple Smarts and stuff.

6 Mar 2018, Precognition? Perhaps. Added quantum retrocausality and other remarks.

5 Feb 2018, Imaginary Numbers and the Real World. An imaginary parable and a lab experiment.

1 Feb 2018, Aerodynamics: Ten Common Myths. Revised and a tenth myth added.

13 Jan 2018, Space Planes to Orbit. Revised and expanded.

6 Jan 2018, J W Dunne: The Forgotten Genius. Assorted corrections and additions.

5 Jan 2018, J W Dunne Aeronauticalia. Updated: yet more new discoveries from the archives.

20 Nov 2017, Site navigation changes. Ongoing experiments to try and improve navigation, especially for mobile users.

18 Nov 2017, A Radical Liberal Manifesto. Expanded.

5 Oct 2017, Psychedelic colours. How we can see colours that don't exist.

29 Sept 2017, Tekel-Mirim: Tolkien's Polyhedra. Updated with a note on the precognitive dreams of Paul J. Donchian.

28 Sept 2017, Morphic polytopes. Towards a unified theory of polygons, polyhedra and higher-dimensional polytopes.

22 Sept 2017, Towards a Theory of Qualia. Updated and extended theory of consciousness.

19 Sept 2017, Re-Usable Pop-Up with HTML and CSS. One way to to do pop-up web pages without using javascript.

17 Sept 2017, Mindfulness and Meaning. On the nature of mind and consciousness.

8 Sept 2017, Why Meme? Revised and expanded.

Updated 8 Apr 2018