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4 Dec 2018, Why Meme? Streghthened critique of tremes, the supposed "third replicator"; no, and no.

1 Nov 2018, Tekel-Mirim – Tolkien's Polyhedra. Added note on penitentes.

1 Nov 2018, What Physicists don't Tell. New question about information.

8 Aug 2018, The Three Levels of Being. More about experience vs. information.

27 July 2018, Retrocausality: Backwards in Time. Revised and expanded; a new section on quantum information.

8 July 2018, Morphic Polytopes. Preliminary discussion of polytopes expanded and clarified.

5 July 2018, The Aircraft of J W Dunne. At last, I am confident of a resaonably definitive list.

24 June 2018, A Practical Space Station. There has to be a better way.

21 June 2018, A Radical Liberal Constitution. More about the Lords and the Supervote.

19 May 2018, What Scientists Never Tell Me. Questions they don't ever seem to answer.

29 Apr 2018, A Liberal Philosophy. First notes, very unfinished.

28 Apr 2018, HTML 5 Sucks. More about sortable tables, Cascading Simple Smarts, transclusion and stuff.

8 Apr 2018, Retrocausality: Backwards in Time. Scientist are looking over their shoulders to see what's coming.

6 Mar 2018, Precognition? Perhaps. Added quantum retrocausality and other remarks.

5 Feb 2018, Imaginary Numbers and the Real World. An imaginary parable and a lab experiment.

1 Feb 2018, Aerodynamics: Ten Common Myths. Revised and a tenth myth added.

13 Jan 2018, Space Planes to Orbit. Revised and expanded.

6 Jan 2018, J W Dunne: The Forgotten Genius. Assorted corrections and additions.

5 Jan 2018, J W Dunne Aeronauticalia. Updated: yet more new discoveries from the archives.

Updated 4 Dec 2018