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Covering a range of ideas and abilities, these cut-out kits are specially designed for easy assembly, include full instructions, and are suitable for printing on A4 size card.

The space-filling sets are both fascinating and educational. They make great group activities. With care, you can achieve some really beautiful displays.

Many of the puzzles are unique to Stardust and were invented by Guy Inchbald. Build the pieces, solve the puzzle: in case it baffles you, each puzzle comes with the full solution.

Space-Filling Sets
 Space-Fillers Set 1
Makes one each of five unusual shapes, each of which fills space in fascinating ways. Find out more.
Download PDF files:
- Bisymmetric hendecahedron
- Elongated bisymmetric hendecahedron
- Sphenoid hendecahedron
- Elongated sphenoid hendecahedron
- Rhombic dodecahemioctahedron
 Weaire-Phelan Bubbles
The closest model to ideal bubbles yet found. Makes one translation unit of 8 bubbles.Find out more.
Download PDF files:
- Dodecahedron
- Tetrakaidecahedron
 Archimedean Honeycomb Duals
Explore space with this remarkable family of 14 polyhedra. Find out more.
Download PDF files:
- Nets
- Chart

Polyhedron Puzzles
 Egyptian Pyramid
A hard puzzle to solve, needing good understanding of 3-D geomery - or amazing luck.
Download PDF file:
- Egyptian Pyramid Puzzle
Medium difficulty, with a suprise - a box hidden inside.
 Soma Cube
A traditional puzzle, often seen in ready-made plastic or wooden equivalents.
 Stella Octangula
A simple puzzle, with four identical-shaped pieces: make two in one colour and two in another.

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Updated 25 Mar 2019.