M. Wenninger, Polyhedron Models, Errata


Fr. Magnus Wenninger's book, Polyhedron Models (Pub. Cambridge University Press), has become both the standard reference work on making card models of polyhedra and also a valuable text book for the novice student of the underlying mathematical theory. Since its first (hardback) publication in 1971, it remains ever-popular. Although many software programs nowadays provide more accurate and convenient shapes, they seldom provide such helpful instructions. Yet despite going through two editions and many reprints, the book contains a number of errors. For the experienced polyhedronist these are no more than a mild nuisance, but for the beginner they can make life very difficult.

This page lists the various editions and the known errors. Most were collected and passed to me by Magnus himself - a few passed the other way. Hopefully over time I will be able to provide more detail and add suitable corrections.

Published Editions

First Edition. Hardback, 1971.

Second Edition. Paperback, 1974. A few corrections made. Reprinted many times.

Third Edition. Paperback, 1996. Facsimile reprint of Second Edition, with reduced quality of photographs.


Updated 1 May 2022