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steelpillow publish a small range of books in print-on-demand and e-book formats:

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Guy Inchbald, The Man Who Dreamed Tomorrow: The Life of J W Dunne
now available!

J W Dunne, Sunshine and the Dry Fly:
2024 Centenary Extended Special Edition

now available!

steelpillow also host the web sites of Guy Inchbald:

Guy Inchbald

My personal pages

Guy's Blocki

My experimental blog-cum-wiki


Mathematical crystals

J W Dunne

Aviator, fisherman and prophetic dreamer

Health & Wellbeing

Notes of an observer

Aerospace Notes

In reality and fiction

Peter Inchbald

My father: artist, soldier, industrialist and writer

Marit Aschan - jewellery

Stunning enamel work, mostly gone missing

Technical Consultancy

The old day job. Including Holdfast Designs

My old website, as preserved on the Wayback Machine (this link to 18 April 2001)


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