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The Last Serialist: C.S. Lewis and J.W. Dunne

In Mythlore, No.134, Vol.37, Issue 2, Spring/Summer 2019., pp 75-88.

C.S. Lewis and his use of imagery from J.W. Dunne, especially in the final Chronicle of Narnia, The Last Battle. A brief extract is available here.

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Wings of Hamburg: Aircraft of Bohm & Voss and the HFB

Edited by me, this is a Wikipedia book compiled from Wikipedia articles. As such it provides a snapshot of the articles at the time of compilation (2018) and has been written by many contributors, including myself under the alias "steelpillow".

Wikipedia books are publshed via PediaPress, an independent print-on-demand publisher set up for the purpose. Copies can be ordered through their Wings of Hamburg page.

Updated 20 May 2019

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